Who We Are

Who we are is best seen in MissionLink’s vision statement, which is as follows:
MissionLink aspires to prepare and promote students of Lubbock Christian University, churches and fellow Christians, through teaching, training, discipleship, research, and service, for participation with God in His holistic mission for all people. With the tools of mutual learning, critical reflection, and shared engagement, we seek to promote understanding and harmony in the midst of diversity within our churches and communities locally and globally, blessings for all nations, and reconciliation of all things, everywhere.


MissionLink purposes to prayerfully accomplish its three-pronged mission and vision through a variety of overlapping strategies and services such as:
A. Preparing students of LCU, Churches and faith communities through:
     I. Ensuring our mission courses and events are academically robust, emotionally reflective, and spiritually challenging
     II. Exposing students to life, culture, and missional service both locally and outside the U.S. (specifically expanding our partnership with non-profit organizations in offering internships around the world)
     III. Providing opportunities for dialogue, experiential and classroom learning, and exploration of world Christianity (specifically through missions fellowship meetings)
     IV. Providing interdisciplinary internships
     V. Developing and disseminating a scholarly missions resources reflecting the thought and trends of MissionLinks’ areas of ministry focus
     VI. Attending and encouraging student participation in mission conferences, MK camps, International Conference on Missions, World Mission Workshops, and Teachers of Missions Workshop
     VII. Building a safe environment for conversation and immersion into any culture

B. Promoting and Partnering with the Community of Faith through:
     I. Conducting seminars for training churches and organizations on local and cross cultural outreach and ministry (both short and long term)
     II. Developing and training teams and churches for cross-cultural, holistic missions
     III. Building a collaborative network of individuals, churches, non-profit organizations, and educational programs to synergistically partner in missional endeavors
     IV. Developing a website, blog, or Facebook page for contact information, news, resources, and services conducted by MissionLink
     V. Hosting forums and conferences for the promotion of cross-cultural and intra-cultural understanding (specifically organizing an annual two-day seminar sponsored by MissionLink)
     VI. Providing an avenue of remembering and honoring those who have served in missions through the Distinguished Service in Missions Award, DSMA, for LCU Alumni, and the Christian Service Certificate, CSC, for non-LCU Alumni
     VII. Organizing, producing, conducting, or establishing any other ministry, program, courses, or event that helps MissionLink accomplish its mission and vision

Mission Statement

Preparing, Promoting, Partnering: A Response to the Missional Call of the Kingdom of God